76’ers reportedly concerned about Joel Embiid’s lack of maturity and work ethic


Philadelphia 76ers rookie Joel Embiid was one of my “must follows” last summer on Twitter. Not only was he funny, you also wanted to watch his NBA growth, especially being selected by the Sixers, a team who has been in tank-mode the last couple of seasons.

Remember on draft day when it was assumed that Embiid – who was watching from home – was disappointed that Philly selected him? Looks like it’s become a self fulfilling prophecy – even though Joel denied disappointment – as things are definitely not sunshine and cake between the sixers and Embiid right now.

Despite having a foot injury that limited him to simply walking for exercise, Keith Pompey is reporting that 76ers brass are not feeling Embiid right now, and are concerned about his work ethic and weight gain.

Embiid has a weight issue. Although the Sixers wouldn’t disclose his weight, a source said he’s close to 300 pounds after being 250 pounds at Kansas last season.

His work ethic is being questioned by some inside the organization.

And a blowup with assistant strength and conditioning coach James Davis is one of the reasons he was sent home during the team’s recent West Coast road trip.

Embiid is reportedly moody, and recently got into an altercation with the team’s strength and conditioning coach because Embiid refuses to work.

Because of the foot injury, his conditioning has been limited. Embiid can only do things such as use the antigravity treadmill and take long walks to generate a rapid heart rate. In the process, he has become noticeably heavier than the chiseled 250 pounds he carried in college.

The Sixers are trying to address the added weight. Embiid, however, hasn’t always been a willing workout participant, according to sources. He’s even blown off conditioning drills, one source added.

The Sixers probably aren’t a very motivating environment to be in right now. Not that its an excuse, you have to be self motivated in order to make it in the L. But I’m sure he’s picked up some bad habits early, that could be hard to shake later when his scenery changes. Because be clear, either his attitude, or the Sixers wacky front office will dictate that happens at some point.

Also worth keeping in mind, Joel lost his younger brother Arthur last October. I’m sure that has an effect also.


photo via Instagram