5 NBA Players Who Would Be Great Coaches

Being a coach in the NBA seems simple. Take the best 5 guys and throw them on the court until they get tired. Unfortunately for anyone that’s ever coached the game, it’s not that simple.

Coaching in the NBA involves installing a system which your team will run. For Phil it was the Triangle. Mike D’Antoni used the pick and roll. No matter what system you use, you must tailor it to the players you have. That’s where the job gets difficult. Coaches who only played youth basketball tend to have a difficult time coming in and adjusting game plans when things are not going well. But a coach who played in the NBA has seen it all before and they know what to expect and how to adjust.

With more and more teams going the retired player route, it begs the question: What current players might be the next best coaches? We’re going to look at the top 5 players who would make great coaches.


  1. J.J. Reddick

J.J. may not have turned into the stud player many thought he would be out of college, but he is a serviceable player with great knowledge of the game. The reason Reddick would make an excellent coach is his knowledge, and the fact that he’s played under two of the best coaches of our generation (Coach K and Doc Rivers). Those guys are famous for their exceptional coaching, winning attitudes and incredible basketball I.Q. Reddick is also an extremely personable guy, which is key when becoming a coach.


  1. LeBron James

LeBron will never become a coach in the NBA, he is going to become an owner. That much is clear, but if for some bizarre LeBron decides he wants to play the role of coach, too, he could do it. LeBron is one of the great basketball players and basketball minds of our generation. The guy eats, sleeps and breathes basketball. He knows what most teams are going to do before they know they’re going to do it. He knows how to get the best from his teammates and puts them in a spot to succeed, which is the exact purpose of a coach. One reason why coaching for him may not work is simply that he has a tendency to run when things get too difficult. That’s a bad quality for a coach to have.


  1. Andre Miller

Andre Miller has always been a tricky player to gauge during his NBA career. He was never considered the most talented player in the game, but always knew how to play. Andre Miller could bring a savvy veteran type approach to the sidelines and could surely help any player improve their game. Like the others on this list, Miller’s knowledge and incredible basketball I.Q. would give him the ability to come up with great offensive sets that would baffle opposing teams.