2018 NBA Playoffs Preview Round 1

NBA Playoffs Preview

The NBA playoffs are always fun and 2018 will be no exception. There are some fascinating matchups on the slate this year. Let’s preview the first round.


Rockets Vs. Timberwolves

Houston is a robust team on the offensive side of the ball, and James Harden looks like he will get the MVP award this year. The Wolves have a tough challenge ahead of them. The Wolves lack of defensive consistency only makes the matchup that much harder for them.

Warriors Vs. Spurs

The Golden State Warriors have been in a slump lately. For one thing, they’re missing Steph Curry. Also, the rest of their team is pretty banged up. The Spurs have underperformed (for their standards) this year, but they’re a well-coached team. They definitely have a chance to upset.

Blazers Vs. Pelicans

This is a fascinating matchup. Anthony Davis and Damien Lillard are two of the best players in the league. Portland will look to deny Anthony Davis the ball as much as possible, and New Orleans will try to limit the effectiveness of Lillard. At the end of the day, this game will come down to the supporting cast of both teams. Both superstars, despite the other squad’s best effort, will leave this series with massive numbers.

Thunder Vs. Jazz

Russell Westbrook is arguably the most explosive player in the league. The Thunder have been inconsistent this season, but you can’t deny their massive upside. Conversely, the Jazz are a solid team with a very even level of play. It’s the classic battle of the turtle and the hare- explosiveness vs consistency. Who will win this time?