2015 NBA Free Agency Day 3 Update: DWade Back To The Heat, Monta To Pacers


Today begins day 3 of the 2015 NBA free agency period. Let’s make sure you’re all caught up with the signings and movements.

  • Dwyane Wade and the Miami Heat have at least one more year together. DWade took a one-year-$20 million deal. One of two things are happening, this is DWade’s final go round with the Heat, and next summer he goes to another team when there is ample cap space because of the TV rights deal that takes effect next summer. Or, he’s just waiting to cash out from the Heat next year.


  • Ex-Detroit Pistons big man Greg Monroe bypassed the Knicks for the Milwaukee Bucks. Monroe agreed to a three-year-$50 million-max-deal. Some guys still care about winning and a quality team.


  • Ed Davis heads to the Pacific Northwest after spending last season with the Lakers. Davis agreed to a three-year-$20-million deal, as the Blazers continue to reshape their roster.
  • Former Dallas Mavericks guard Monta Ellis is headed to the Indiana Pacers. Ellis agreed to a four-year-$44-million-deal. Somehow, I think this is a step backwards for the Pacers, but we’ll see.


  • The Golden State Warriors and Draymond Green will be together for five more years. Green agreed to a five-year-$85-million deal. Not bad for a guy that was making $880,000 in his first NBA deal.


  • Wesley Matthews is headed to Dallas. Matthews and the Mavs have agreed in principal to a four-year-deal. The specific amount is still in progress as the Mavs try to secure the services of either DeAndre Jordan or LaMarcus Aldridge. Once those two deals are completed, you’ll see the B and C level free agents sign in other places too. Right now teams are in a holding pattern to see how much money they’ll have to make moves.


  • The Brooklyn Nets are adding Thomas Robinson on a two-year deal. He’ll reportedly make the minimum, and Shane Larkin is coming over from the Knicks for $1.4 million. In addition to that, the Nets also re-signed Brook Lopez and Thad Young per the New York Post.