2015- 2016 NBA Season Preview: League Pass Alerts, Fashion Trends & Playoff Predictions


Tonight it begins! The start of the 2015-2016  NBA season! There’s so much to look forward to so here are my thoughts about the upcoming season.


The Golden State Warriors are coming back with a chip on their shoulder. They feel disrespected as champions, they have a lot to prove and the squad remained intact, will they run the league again this season?

Of course there’s no doubt about who will be Kings in the Eastern Conference. The Cavs got all their key pieces back. LeBron has already gone on record to say he’ll take another mid-season break if need be – he received back injections during pre-season, the Cavs should want to keep his minutes low to save him for the last half of the season, and a likely deep run in the playoffs.

That means Tristian Thompson has to step for the entire season, and earn that 5-year-$82-million. Kevin Love will need to shoulder some of that load as well, while we await Kyrie Irving’s return.

Whose your number two pick in the East? I don’t think you should sleep on Miami. Bosh is back from last season’s blood clot scare, and DWade is also healthy.

The Heat picked up some nice pieces via the draft and free agency. Will we watch DWade pass the torch to Justice Winslow this season?


Has the windown closed for the Chicago Bulls shot at dominance in the East? The Derrick Rose “superstar era” is clearly over in Chicago. Whatever team LeBron James is on, he’s run the Bulls the last five seasons, why would this year be different? But I bet everyone will keep a close eye out on the development of Jimmy Butler and Rose’s relationship.

How will the Atlanta Hawks fair without the heart of their team in DeMarre Carroll, whose taken his talents to “the 6?”

The Toronto Raptors lost “Sixth Man of The Year” Lou Williams to the Lakers, and big man Amir Johnson signed with the Boston Celtics. Will the Raps continue the momentum push this season and get out of the first round?

The West is loaded. I know you’re tired of hearing that, but it’s true. The Thunder are back, the Spurs have reloaded with LaMarcus Aldridge. If my Clippers don’t make it to the Western Conference finals with Doc, CP3, P2, Blake, DeAndre, Lance and company, it’s time to blow that puppy up.


The Houston Rockets made a statement during the playoffs, and you know James Harden wants another shot at that MVP trophy.

Is this the year the New Orleans Pelicans sneak into the postseason in the Anthony Davis era? Speaking of Davis, NBA GM’s voted him the player that would start a franchise with. LeBron James and Kevin Durant combined for 14% of the total vote.

MVP candidates:
LeBron James, Russell Westbrook, Anthony Davis

Playoff Spots:

1. Cleveland Cavs
2. Miami Heat
3. Chicago Bulls
4. Atlanta Hawks
5. Washington Wizards
6. Toronto Raptors
7. Milwaukee Bucks
8. ?


1. Oklahoma City Thunder
2. Golden State Warriors
3. San Antonio Spurs
4. LA Clippers
5. Houston Rockets
6. Memphis Grizzlies
7. Phoenix Suns
8. New Orleans Pelicans

Teams you need to have on League Pass Alert:

Minnesota TimberWolves – will be fun to watch with a lot of fresh talent, and old man Kevin Garnett as the wise sensai.

Sacramento Kings – George Karl, Rondo, Boogie Cousins – personality explosions await, and if they focus, some pretty entertaining hoops too.

Los Angeles Lakers: It’s Kobe’s last season – at least as a member of the Lakers. LA’s young core of D’Angelo Russell, Julius Randle and Jordan Clarkson will provide some fun moments this season also.

Trend Alert:

Expect to see an abundance of “Future hats”


Likely targets: LeBron James, Tristian Thompson, John Wall, Iman Shumpert, Carmelo Anthony

Expect more shaggy cuts with highlights: