2012 NBA Draft style breakdown [photos]

The 2012 NBA draft has come and gone. The number one pick was easy. Everyone knew the Hornets would select UK’s Anthony Davis but from there, the draft was full of interesting twists and turns – but very few trades. Let’s check out how the new draft class measured up style wise.

The trend this year was all about the shirt selection. Gingham or checked, shirts were the standout piece of clothing.

We all know what my top two hopes were for Anthony Davis – teeth, the jury is still out on. The brow isn’t going anywhere. I’ll adapt.  On the court there have been several Tim Duncan and Kevin Garnett comparisons. We’ll see how that plays out but clearly he and Duke’s Austin Rivers, taken at number 10. Will be super fun to watch on the Hornets. The West is so deep though, they may have to wait their turn and take the approach that propelled the OKC Thunder from 15 wins a few seasons back to Western Conference Finals champions this year.

Austin Rivers


Michael Jordan’s Bobcats finally made a decent draft choice selecting  Michael Kidd-Gilchrist. K-G (yes, I shortened his last name for this) is wearing his school colors and paired a fabric tie to complete his look.  First time in NBA history that college teammates went #1 and #2.


Bradley Beal was taken by the Wizards with the third selection. I’m still undecided if I’m feeling the piping on his suit. it did however make him standout. I probably would’ve gone with a pocketsquare tht picked up hints of the tie as opposed to matching it with the suits accents. Perhaps something that combined the two.



With the fourth selection, the Cleveland Cavs selected Dion Waiters. Waiters showed up with monochronic gold accents that match perfectly with Cavs colors. How cute is that. I do feel his jacket could’ve been tailored a tad loser. I don’t like the way it’s riding up in the middle when he’s shaking David Stern’s hand.


Thomas Robinson selected fifth by the Kings opted for a classic three-piece suit style.


Damien Lenoard was selected at no. 6 by the Portland Trailblazers. I like this combination with the pop of red. The detailing on the collar of the suit is probably what’s most appealing to me.


With the seventh pick, the Golden State Warriors selected Harrison Barnes to add to their already crowded small forward rotation. Someone has to go.  But keep the classic, understated styling.


Terrence Ross was selected by the Raptors with the 8th pick. Bow tie steeze… I like the boldness of it.


Check out a few of the other picks.


photos via AP and Getty images