2010 NBA Champions: Los Angeles Lakers

photo credit: Jae C. Hong

Once again the LAKERS are on top of the Basketball Universe! The Celtics pushed them to Game 7 in a series nobody expected them to be a part of. Kudos to Doc Rivers and the team for bringing one of the most exciting finals in recent years!

  • Kobe has his 2nd Finals MVP
  • Kobe AND DFish have Ring #5

The Lakers Defense was the story of game 7. Down by as much as 13 in the 3rd quarter and with Mamba having a bad game offensively. The Lakers rallied together as a TEAM to grind out the win! However, my favorite moments of the game were after the final seconds ticked away from the clock:

Ron Artest gave it up for his HOOD, his PSYCHIATRIST and wants you to listen to his new single Champion!

How can you not LOVE him. If there was a Game 7 MVP, Artest would be it. His defense was smothering and he nailed a crucial 3 pointer late in the game. QUEENSBRIDGE STAND UP!


Oh yeah, Ron brought his whole family to the podium for his postgame interview!

photo credit: jose3030

  • Shoutouts to Rasheed Wallace for bumrushing the referees locker room to “Talk”
  • Shoutouts to Kobe telling reports that Ring #5 means he has 1 more than Shaq!! (it was a JOKE people, maybe that’s why Kobe doesn’t use humor a lot) Well it was KIND OF a JOKE.