Rockets CEO Calls Out Charles Barkley On Twitter

Social media is home of the petty and the brave. We all know fans seem to find that little extra boost behind the safety of a keyboard. On Thursday night even the CEO of the Houston Rockets got a petty moment off about NBA analyst and former Rocket Charles Barkley.

Barkley was so certain the Rockets would lose game three against the Warriors, he asked for a camera spotlight to guaranteed the Rockets would blow it and be down 0-3 by the end of the night during halftime.

The Rockets managed to hang on a win by one point. After the game, Rockets CEO Tad Brown decided to let the petty fly on Twitter.


Naturally the tweet was later deleted.

People still let Charles Barkley get under their skin? The funniest thing about the Rockets win on Thursday- how disappointed the team looked that their vacation plans were being extended one additional day. They didn’t look like a team that was expecting to win last night either.