What’s Beef: Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. 50 Cent on Twitter & Instagram

Floyd Mayweather jr. and 50 Cent definitly aren’t besties anymore. The real question is, why are they taking their beef to social media. The two had a brief war of words on Twitter Friday night which then spilled over on to Instagram with Floyd posting pictures that had fun captions like “hold my money F**k boy,” “I respect the shooter not the one who gets shot” and “hold my belts boxing groupie cause your albums don’t sell”… yeah.



50 kicked off the beef a few days when he proclaimed “The Money Team” as being over. But this has been brewing since Floyd got out of jail last summer. There were even allegations that 50 might have been in a scheme to swindle Floyd out of some cash with a man named Tommy Smalls. You can check all the back story HERE

We all know nobody does beef better than fiddy… his career started on it. Remember his first song, “How To Rob.”

The bottom line is: I’m a crook with a deal
If my record don’t sell, I’mma rob and steal
You better recognize – n**ga, I’m straight from the street