Victor Ortiz Doesn’t Believe Floyd Mayweather Jr. Will Give Him A Rematch

Victor Ortiz seems to have a change of tune regarding his fight last Saturday against Floyd Mayweather jr. In initial reports after the fight, Ortiz stated the match was a “learning experience” and that he didn’t know the ref had indicated the fight was back on.

TMZ’s camera caught up with Ortiz outside of the paparazzi paradise, The Ivy ( he took a limo, who DOES that… someone seeking attention) where the fighter said Mayweather threw a sucker punch and cheated him out of a fair fight.

Ortiz wants a rematch but doesn’t believe Floyd is interested in one. :raised eyebrow:

Can I ask who hits Club 54 after losing a fight WITH a black eye? Something about Ortiz is slightly off to me. :shrug: Oh well, his girlfrined Alexia Garland looks like she enjoyed it so, I guess that’s the important thing, yes?

Photos via Ethan Miller/Getty