Venus & Serena Williams Grace The Cover Of “Hamptons” Magazine

Tennis’ superstars, Venus and Serena Williams, grace the cover of the latest issue of Hamptons magazine. Both sisters plan to participate in the final glam slam of the season, The U.S. Open.

Check out a few excerpts from the interview where the sisters turned the mic on each other:

Venus on what she plans to wear at the US Open:

VW: The U.S. Open this year is all about the little black dress, and I always put zippers in my dresses, so there will be a zipper down the back. Because I don’t ever wear black in the daytime, it will be opposing colors. Last year there were three different styles; this year it will be simple because it is just one, but in different colors.

SW: Are you ever going to redo the Wimbledon outfit? That one was probably my favorite.

VW: That’s interesting, because I think people either loved that one or they hated it. I loved the idea, but when it actually got made, I really didn’t want to wear it. I didn’t even like it until you said you loved it, and then I felt confident to wear it.

Serena on Venus in the 1996 U.S. Open:

SW: You got to the finals, and honestly, I was so happy. Every match I lived and died. I wasn’t cute at the time—I really was going through an extremely awkward period in my life, to my dismay when I watched the film. My best memory was when you were playing Sandrine Testud: You were running out of position at this backhand cross-court for the winner, and it was the shot that changed the match. The next match, you did it again against Irina Spîrlea, and I just remember thinking I was going to have a heart attack. And I remember my failure in doubles. [Laughs]

Venus on her interior design company:

I think what keeps me motivated is that I truly love everything I do. I absolutely love design; I love learning. My ultimate goal is to get an MBA; hopefully, it will happen for me in the next four years. As far as V Starr Interiors, this has been a big year for us. We got our first hotel client, and we worked with Howard University to do their gym.

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