“The Today Show” doesn’t recognize Evander Holyfield during Olympics segment

NBC forgot to bring all the balloons to the party for its Olympic broadcast. In addition to complaints about the lack of a live feed for events,  that little Twitter situation with the journalist having his account suspended for critiquing the issues- Twitter is a partner for NBC during the games- a reporter for The Today Show interviewed boxing legend  and former Olympian, Evander Holyfield for a man-on-the-street segment but was clueless.

The reporter was poisted outside Buckingham Palace on Monday to ask passers-by their opinion of Queen Elizabeth II’s stint with Daniel Craig as James Bond during the opening ceremony.

Holyfield only appeared on-screen for a split-second during which time he managed to say he thought that Her Majesty’s starring role was ‘wonderful’.

Dressed casually and wearing a baseball cap, the camera quickly cuts away from the American boxing icon to another ‘man on the street’

So none of the producers or host picked up on that either? Not the end of the world but just another faux pas in the list of errors early in the 2012 games.