Soccer Star Karim Benzema Arrested In Sex Tape Blackmail Investigation

Another day, another scandal involving an athlete and someone threatening to expose them. The twist to this story, allegedly one pro soccer star is allegedly blackmailing another over a sextape.

Real Madrid star Karim Benzema was arrested in Paris, being accused of masterminding a plot to blackmail French international Mathieu Valbuena. It’s unknown what the exact contents of the tape are. Sources told Daily Mail a relative of Benzema’s might somehow be involved.

According to a source, Benzema mentioned the sextape to Valbuena during a meeting of the French team in early October, AFP reported.

It is thought one of Benzema’s relatives was contacted by the suspected blackmailers with a view to involving the footballer in their scheme, the source said.

Police are seeking to determine whether he was teasing Valbuena when he mentioned the tape, or trying to make him pay the blackmailers.

Over the summer Karim was linked to pop star Rihanna.


photo via Instagram