Serena Williams Returns to Indian Wells After 14 Years


After 14 years, Serena Williams has returned to the Indian Wells tennis tournament. Serena won the title there in 2001. But during her final match against Kim Clijsters, Serena was rained on with boos from the crowd. That’s part of competition, but not typically in tennis.

Her father Richard Williams and sister Venus Williams said the crowd also threw racial taunts and slurs at them while they watched the match. Serena and Venus both make the decision to boycott the tournament.

Friday that boycott ended. Serena received a standing ovation before winning her first match at Indian Wells against Monica Niculescu. She called the win “one of the biggest moments” of her career afterwards.  Serena recently explained to Time why she decided to come back.

“I’m fortunate to be at a point in my career where I have nothing to prove,” she wrote. “I’m still as driven as ever, but the ride is a little easier. I play for the love of the game. And it is with that love in mind, and a new understanding of the true meaning of forgiveness, that I will proudly return to Indian Wells in 2015.”

And of course, leave it to Nike to put together an amazing campaign for Serena’s return.