Ronda Rousey Says Laila Ali Can’t Beat Her Cause She’s Retired With Kids


Laila Ali is hands down, one of the best female boxers ever.  Considering she is the daughter of boxing legend Muhammad Ali, that’s not a surprise. Recently she was asked if she could thought she could take down UFC fighter Ronda Rousey.

Her response was exactly what you’d expect from a 24-0 boxer with the Ali blood line. She said there’s no woman that can beat her. She also referenced her height advantage, 5’10” to Rouey’s  “She’s like the size of my daughter … my 3-year-old.”



Rousey of course is never one to back down from a challenge and her own input on the topic.

“If she wants to take me up on that, I’m around,”Rousey told The Daily Beast. “She’s retired and has several kids. I understand why she’d think that because she has a size advantage, but if you saw my last fight it had nothing to do with size or strength at all. That’s not how I beat people. So you can’t count having a size and strength advantage as having a real advantage against me.”

Rousey (11-0) is undefeated with 10 of 11 victories coming in the first round. Her last two championship fights were finished in 30 seconds – combined.

Ali hasn’t fought since 2007.  This is tricky, if its straight boxing, Rousey doesn’t stand a chance. But as Lalia said, she’s not an MMA fighter. How can we make this happen?