Robert Guerrero closes both Andre Berto’s eyes in unanimous decision [photo]


In Saturday night boxing, Robert Guerrero was set to battle Andre Berto in the WBC interim welterweight title fight. The results were a unanimous decision for Guerrero with a 116-110 score from the judges, Julie Lederman, Alejandro Rochin and Max DeLuca.

Not only was Berto knocked down in the first two rounds. Both his eyes were closed, with the right eye happening in round two.



::gasp:: This was Bert’s first fight in 14 months and his second loss of his last three matches. There also was that little situation with failed a doping test earlier this year that cancelled his rematch with Victor Ortiz.

Guerrero has already called out who he wants to see in the ring next.

“Pretty Boy, let’s do it,”

mmmm Floyd is Money now but same thing. Let’s see if it happens. It’s not as if Floyd is planning on fighting Manny anytime soon.


Berto photo via BSO