Olympic Steeple Chase Gold medalist Ezekiel Kemboi’s victory dance and why he stabbed a woman in June [video]

I am still learning of new sporting events watching this year’s Olympics. Somehow the fact that there is a ‘Steeplechase” event that doesn’t involve horses had managed to escape my viewing pleasure. What’s even more amazing than that? The Kenyan Gold medalist in the 3000m Steeple Chase, Ezekiel Kemboi’s victory dance.

Apparently it’s his version of a dance entitled the Makossa. You can check out more authentic moves in this video. Skip ahead to 1:03.


On the not so nice front, Kemboi is accused of stabbing a woman in the chest in June after she allegedly refused to have sex with him.

After an evening at a club drinking Red Bull and watching soccer, Kemboi offered to give Anne Njeri a ride home. The East African Standard reported that Kemboi, allegedly became enraged after Njeri refused to have sex with him, then stabbed her and drove away.

MMMMMM. for his part, Kemboi says the woman was trying to set him up for a robbery and had two male accomplices. One of which he maintains must have stabbed her.  His trial hasn’t taken place yet.