Olympic eyecandy: USA sprinter Ryan Bailey [photos]

There was a new sprinter on the track during the Olympic finals for the 100 M. 23-year old Ryan Bailey of Portland, Oregon may not have medaled in Sunday night’s race but he definitly caught the attention of the ladies.

I wasn’t the only one that noticed, BSO managed to gather all the important deets:

While growing up in Oregon, he lived for stretches at a time in a white Suzuki Esteem with his mom, Debra Galban, who suffers from fibromyalgia and degenerative arthritis, making it difficult for her to work. His father wasn’t in the picture.

He was stabbed in the back and shoulder by a rival gang member in 2006. He was simply turning his back on an argument — trying to walk off the bus — when he was struck. Bailey was in the hospital for days, the knife just missing anything vital.

There you go ladies, and he just might be looking to blow off some steam after his first Olympic games.