Mike Tyson Calls Floyd Mayweather Jr. “A Small Scared Man” [Video]


Recently Floyd Mayweather Jr. took some heat by saying he believes he’s better than Muhammad Ali. Former heavyweight champ Mike Tyson however doesn’t agree. Tyson went in on Money May, referring to him as “delusional” in a recent interview.


Floyd is just a “small scared man, who’s so afraid for his own safety in public that he can’t take his kids to school without a security team.”

“Greatness is not guarding yourself from the people, greatness is being accepted by the people.”

Tyson posted a photo on Instagram, clarifying his comments after an article ran claiming that the beef between Mike and Floyd is connected to a 2001 police raid.

according to Boxing Junkie, there’s another reason why Tyson may not be a big Mayweather fan. They just released a report indicating that Mayweather may have played a role in a police raid that took place at Tyson’s Las Vegas home back in 2001. In their report, they spoke with Tyson’s former assistant Darryl Francis about the alleged incident, which Tyson wrote about in his 2013 book, Undisputed Truth.

Francis claims Mayweather instructed a woman to file a police report against Tyson, saying that he had kidnapped and sexually assaulted her. That led to police storming Tyson’s home and tearing it apart. And while Tyson and Mayweather were reportedly friendly prior to that happening, their friendship ceased to exist after Tyson was told by several people that Mayweather had instructed the woman to go to police because he was upset that Tyson was seeing her.

“Some serious people said it,” Tyson told Boxing Junkie, before adding that he’s never been able to find evidence to link Mayweather to the raid. “I’m good with it now…You can forgive, but you have to remember.”



An article circulated today, which referenced an incident that happened to me many years ago. It was released without my consent or endorsement. It inferred that I had animosity towards Floyd Mayweather Jr. because of something that happened many years ago. This entire article is speculation and it’s unfortunate that it would be released at all, especially the day before the biggest fight in decades. I have no ill will towards Mayweather and have a great deal of respect for his discipline in and out of the ring. He’s proven he is one of the greatest athletes of all time and will go down in history as such. Things got blown out of proportion when I was interviewed the other day about a comment Mayweather made stating he was greater than Ali. I disagree and personally found it insulting because of the love and admiration I have for Muhammad Ali. I thought it was inappropriate to make that kind of reference especially because Ali has done so much, not just in the sport of boxing but for humanity as a whole. In retrospect, I wish I had exercised better discernment in my response because in no way did I want to disrespect Mayweather. The focus should be on the May 2nd bout and the great economic surge this event is generating for the city of Las Vegas. I sincerely wish Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao the best of luck on Saturday night’s historical event.