HBO’s Larry Merchant To Floyd Mayweather: ‘If I Was 50 Years Younger, I Would Kick Your Ass’

Floyd Mayweather jr. knocked out Victor Ortiz in the fourth round of their fight Saturday night at the MGM in Las Vegas. Sounds simple, yes? It isn’t. A few minutes into round 4, Ortiz head butted Mayweather. A point was taken off, he kissed Mayweather on the cheek (is it me or was there a lot of inappropriate cheek kisses with these two?)

Anyway, the two came back to the ring, touched gloves briefly and Mayweather caught Ortiz with a quick “left hook, right hand” and that was that.

Al Bello/Getty

But even better than that, was  Pretty Boy Floyd’s  post fight interview with HBO commentator, Larry Merchant. In the interview, after being pressed a few times to answer if he took a dirty shot at Ortiz,

Floyd shouted, ‘You never give me a fair shake.  So I’m gonna let you talk to Victor Ortiz, alright? I’m through. Put somebody else up here to give me an interview. HBO needs to fire you. You ain’t sh*t.” Larry responded with, ‘If I was 50 years younger, I would kick your ass’

COMEDY, check the video below

Merchant is about 80 years-old. As for Ortiz,who was offering hugs and kisses during the interview, he called the fight a learning experience and said the referee didn’t indicate the fight was back on after the headbutt.

Now can we get our Pac Man vs. Pretty boy match up??