Floyd Mayweather Jr. Says He Has Proof Josie Harris Was On Drugs


Floyd Mayweather Jr. has finally responded to the $20 million lawsuit filed against him by his ex-girlfriend Josie Harris.

Haris is claiming Floyd defamed her in his April appearance with Katie Couric. In the interview, Floyd claimed Josie was in a drug-fueled rage the night he was accused of beating her, and that the only thing he was guilty of was restraining Harris, who is the mother of three of Floyd’s children.

In the docs, Floyd says he didn’t defame Harris because he has medical records where Josie admitted taking Xanax, Wellbutrin, and marijuana. He also says she testified in 2004 that she took half an Ecstasy pill before going to a club.

Floyd is also saying that Harris herself revealed in an e-mail that he didn’t “beat her down” therefore he didn’t “lie” to Couric in the interview. He points out the exact verbiage she used “Floyd pulled my hair, dragged me, twisted my arm and kicked me.”

Cause that’s so far off from “stomping” and “beating.”