Floyd Mayweather Jr. Bans Reporters Rachel Nichols & Michelle Beadle From Covering Fight


Floyd Mayweather Jr. served a 90-day jail stint in 2012 for a domestic violence altercation with the mother of three of his children, Josie L. Harris. Floyd has a pretty long history with violence against women, dating back to at least 2001.

Both ESPN’s Michelle Beadle, and CNN’s Rachel Nichols have spoken publicly about their disgust for the champ – so has ESPN’s “First Take” host Cari Champion, albeit not in the same manner as Beadle, and Nichols. In fact, Nichols had Floyd on the ropes during an interview last year when she asked about the domestic violence in his past, and he responded with a request for photos or videos of it.

Both women announced Saturday that their credentials for the fight have been pulled at the request of Floyd’s camp.


Since the 2012 other than a lawsuit filed by his ex-fiancée, Shantel Jackson in fall of 2014, Floyd has not been accused of any violence against women. I think its important to mention that fact, because with the huge match up tonight against Manny Pacquiao, in a battle of “good vs. evil,” Floyd’s history has become front center.

Let me be clear, I think as a man, Floyd is scum. His treatment of women, even when it’s not physical, just humiliating – like putting Shantel Jackson’s belongings on Ebay, or publicly shaming her on Instagram about the surgeries he invested in her – is disgusting. It’s not a secret that he’s not a nice guy.

However, I do wonder where this groundswell of wanting to see boxing punish him has come from. It’s been three years since his conviction. Before he went to jail in 2012, he was allowed to push his jail time back, so he could fight before he served his time. Certainly that had to do with the economic impact his fights have on Las Vegas.

There’s no governing body in boxing. But my question is, was his time served not valid?

While I certainly think most can agree that the way Floyd treats women – and really people – leaves a lot to be desired. I do wonder what would make people feel at peace with Floyd. While I think part of the desire is to see Floyd express remorse for those acts, who says he hasn’t to the women involved.

Josie Harris was posting “creep life” photos of she and Floyd in bed together after his release. She publicly battled with other women over him.


Melissa Brim, his daughter’s mother, has showed off gifts, quality time, etc. etc with Floyd, despite calling the police for assistance at least twice, and one incident which took place in a mall where he punched her in the throat in public. Mall security called police in that instance.

The question remains, what would be enough for you to consider Floyd’s debt to society as paid? Are people as concerned if the Exec, or McDonalds worker have a job after a domestic violence conviction? Since 2012, Floyd has fought 5 times.

Since everyone was asking questions, I just wanted to add a few of my own.



Floyd’s publicist Kelly Swanson has denied Nichols and Beadle’s credentials being pulled.