Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao meet up at Miami Heat game [Video]


We may never see Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao in the ring, but watch what happens when the two of them end up courtside during a Miami Heat game.

Floyd, forever the showman, approaches Manny to find out who mislead him about a signed fight contract, and to provide Manny with his personal number so he can reach him directly instead of via the press and Instagram.




According to one source, Mayweather told both Pacquiao and Koncz to “stop lying” about signing any contracts. The same eyewitness tells us that Mayweather then informed Pacquiao that he’s been told multiple lies. Mayweather explained that “he’s been trying to make the fight happen” and chose to stay silent throughout the negotiation process because “I don’t entertain bullshit!”

Another source tells us that Pacquiao was “on hush mode”, speechless as Mayweather repeated, “stop lying,” and asked him “what contract” he signed. As Mayweather reiterated to both men that lies are being told, Koncz began stuttering before attempting to lay all the blame on promoter Bob Arum, telling Mayweather that he’s only saying what Arum has been telling him. Mayweather then informed both men that it’s not professional to lie and “if you’re not going to tell the truth, it’s best to stay silent.”

Looked like Floyd was subtly trying to punk Manny. And it low key looked as if it was working.