Floyd Mayweather Confronts Adrien Broner About Calling Him a B*tch in Diss Video

So Adrien Broner and Floyd Mayweather had beef AGAIN, and it occurred right after they hung out together AGAIN, and it was started by Broner AGAIN, and now they’re back being brothers AGAIN.

Mayweather addressed Broner right to his face Tuesday night about the crazy diss video he made about the champ.  But as expected, no fists were thrown between the two boxers.  Floyd told Broner he was trippin, but let his little brother off the hook.

If you missed why this started; Broner reignited his beef with Mayweather, calling him a “bitch” and it’s because of Floyd’s relationship with rising star Gervonta “Tank” Davis, an undefeated champion and member of the Money Team.  Davis demanded a fight with Broner and Adrien took the challenge as the ultimate sign of disrespect, claiming he and Davis are friends and alleging Floyd tricked Davis into the making the challenge.

Broner vowed to do to Davis what Faizon Love did to that poor guy at the airport (beat his ass).

As for Davis, he attributed problems with Broner to the booze, saying AB has issues in his life and has been drinking too much.  Davis said Broner talked smack about him to one of his friends and he found out about it.  He reiterated that Broner drinks too much and “loses his mind,” then hits you up the next day like nothing happened.

When asked if there might be some jealousy involved, Davis said yes, noting he’s a part of the money team and has been successful in the ring.  Davis also admitted that he’s taken Broner’s spot.  Broner comes off as an emotional person so I can totally see this being a trigger for him.

In any event, once Mayweather confronted Broner, he backed down.  AB admitted he only made the video because he thought Floyd was secretly pitting Davis and him against each other.

Now as for Davis and Broner, Gervonta still wants that fight to go down.  In fact, Davis believes he could knock Broner out by like the 8th to 10th round.  Davis says hopefully they can get the fight done in 2018.