Dodgers Star Matt Kemp Ready To Get “GQ” For His First MLB All-Star Game Selection

Dodgers out fielder, Matt Kemp has been voted start in his first MLB All-Star game. After his less than stellar performance last season (Shout out to Rihanna), Matt has bounced back this year with great numbers. This season to date he has a .327 batting average, 22 home runs and 64 runs batted in. He’s also stolen 22 bases. Kemp also brought his batting average up about 80 points from last year.

“A big shout-out to the fans of L.A.,” Kemp said. “They did a good job voting and getting me in there. It’s pretty overwhelming. It hasn’t sunk in. 

“I’m really excited. I’ve got to wear my GQ. I’ve got some suits ready to bust out. I’ve been waiting for this.”


Can’t wait to see what look he pulls together for the occasion! But Matt is SOOOOOO pretty, that shouldn’t be hard for him to get a thumbs up from me. (yes, I called him pretty. Smile)

The Dodgers are currently in last place in their division, on top of the drama courtesy of owner Frank McCourt (sell the team PLEASE, you’re bouncing payroll checks. What more can you do!) Yeah, I’m still hoping for a Mark Cuban to save the franchise!

The game will be played Sunday, July 12 at Chase Field in Phoenix.