British boxer Curtis Woodhouse went looking for man who popped off at him on Twitter


Attention all thumb thugs and internet gangsters. You are now on notice that some of these athletes aren’t content to take your bullying on the chin and simply block you. Some will come to your front door to see if all that bravado in your tweets translates to real life.

After losing his light-welterweight title in a hard-fought bout last Friday night, British boxer Curtis Woodhouse logged onto Twitter and found an old nemesis—@Jimmyob88—sending messages to him and calling him a “waste” and a “complete disgrace.”

Woodhouse—a former under-21 soccer player turned pro boxer—attempted to brush the troll bile off his shoulder, initially retweeting his detractor’s messages and tweeting back “lol.”

But when @Jimmyob88 kept at it, telling Woodhouse to retire and calling him a “joke,” that’s when Woodhouse said enough was enough. Woodhouse put the word out—tweeting he would pay anyone £1,000 who could find him the address and the picture of @Jimmyob88.

So first this happened:




Then Woodhouse hit the road, armed with the guys name and street:






So of course the guy starts to panic. Saying he was only joking, etc., etc. But Curtis wasn’t trying to hear it.



Then he tweeted a photo of the street sign on @Jimmyob88 ‘s street asking for his exact address and threatening to go knock on every door…


Of course the guy never came outside but the moral of the story is, talking crap on the internet isn’t always anonymous. Be careful. And of course, don’t try this at home kids. The person whose door you’re knocking on could have a firearm waiting behind it.