Brazilian soccer team not staying in Olympic village to avoid distractions

With all the stories about what really goes on in the Olympic village, it’s no surprise that some participants might be looking to avoid staying there if it’s an option. The Brazilian men’s soccer team is so focused on taking home the gold, they are avoiding all distractions.


The Brazilian men’s soccer team is so focused on trying to win the country’s first gold medal in the sport that it is staying at a secluded hotel in order to avoid the “temptations” of the Olympic Village. The team composed primarily of guys 23 and under so keeping them focused is of extreme importance.

“There are too many temptations here,” said coach Mano Menezes,

“Some of the players like Neymar and the others have already been the focus of attention from so many other athletes when we’ve been here and we have serious work to do at these Games,” he said.

Neymar is 20 and the star of the team. Of course he’s getting a lot of attention.