Boxer Adrien Broner gives oral sex to stripper on stage [video]


Adrien Broner seems to be following a game plan previously laid out by Floyd Mayweather Jr. Broner was spotted out a strip club, where he proceed to enrich some strippers’ tuition or shoe fund. Broner dropped $15,ooo in the club but the fun didn’t stop there. Broner then thought that this would be a great opportunity to show off his Cunnilingus skills. “The Problem” hooked up with a stripper’s special place ON STAGE. Yeah, he may have zoomed right past Floyd on the foolishness scale.

If you’re interested in watching Broner change the weather and hook the young lady up and are over the age of 18, please proceed. I shouldn’t have to explain to you that this is not safe for work.


What part of the game is this? I mean ON STAGE??? How does that not scream WRONG to you? Oh, we can’t forget Broner was arrested this week. It might be time for a tiny hiatus, right? He doesn’t even know her real name.

Broner responded to this on Twitter saying he loves the attention:


video via World Star Hip-Hop