Boxer Adrien Broner fakes proposal to girlfriend live on HBO [video]

Listen, I know that some people subscribe to the theory that all attention is good attention. But when your antics are awkward and a struggle to set up and then sort of not funny, I suggest you find a craftier way to the attention you crave.

Case in point, the stunt World champion boxer Adrien Broner pulled on his girlfriend Saturday night following a 5th round TKO over Vicente Escobedo on HBO. I’m not to familiar with Mr. Broner but it seems as if having someone brush his waves as if he was Chicago from Poetic Justice is part of his “thing.” Apparently Broner subscribes to the Money Mayweather school of brashness. Not a bad thing if properly executed however, I think this fake post-knockout proposal was lame.


Are you serious right now? I mean did he actually sit and plan that with the thought that THIS is going to be epic?

I guess…

curtsy to Los That Sports Blog