Adrien Broner turns down Roc Nation Sports with a Rihanna dis [Video]


Its really key to recognize when people are laughing AT you or WITH you. In the case of boxer Adrien Broner, more than likely, you’re laughing at him. Broner believes he’s the air apparent to Floyd Mayweather’s crown. Within that thought process, the boxer turned down a deal to join Roc Nation Sports.

In a recent interview with TMZ Sports Hollywood, Broner says Jay should sick his duck, and Rihanna is only good for one thing.


So, let’s review; Adrien Broner thinks Jay Z should personally call him, that he’s worth more than a five-year- $40 million deal, that he’ll actually fight FOUR times in a year – how many of those will he be in shape for? Broner lets himself GO in between matches and, that Rihanna is only good to give him pu**y… Ewww guy, we saw the threesome situation you leaked… Just NO.