Adrien Broner thinks his lost to Maidana was like a loss for Floyd Mayweather Jr. to the people


Boxer Adrien Broner suffered his first defeat to Marcos Maidana, last month. His mentor, Floyd Mayweather Jr has never lost a match, but despite that fact, Broner told Showtime Sports, when he lost last month, it was like Floyd losing.

On what happened vs Maidana

“Listen, I know what went wrong for me. God had that plan already. It don’t matter if I had Jesus in my corner. God had that plan. We can’t stop His plan.”

On anything technical

“What I need to tell everybody that isn’t inside that squared circle, sometimes when you get hit with good shots, it’s some shots you just don’t see. You’re gonna get hit with big shots. But at the end of the day, man, you know, we’re ready to go back to camp. We’re ready for the rematch. If we could’ve fought him on Sunday (the day after the fight), we would’ve fought him on Sunday.”

On whether it’s wise to go for the immediate rematch

“I’m a fighter. If I go on, I know I can beat anybody. If I (do something else), then what they say? ‘Oh, at least Maidana beat him.’ I’m the closest thing to Floyd Mayweather, so since I took my loss, everybody feel like Floyd Mayweather took a loss.”

“Because I’m the closest thing to him. And still to this day I’m the closest thing to him. We gonna be OK. My next fight, I hope I fight Maidana, but if I don’t, it’s OK.”

I don’t know if I’d take it that far. But I do agree with Broner that it was God’s plan for him to lose. Seems as if it was the only way to humble him. The hope is that he’ll regain his focus for his next match.


Hopefully Broner decides to keep the ups and downs of his relationship off Twitter. At least the parts where he tells his girlfriend that he’s glad she miscarried and accused her of cheating.