Adrien Broner sextape leaks: 2 women, 1 boxer


Boxer Adrien Broner is clearly a fan of public displays of sexual activities. The 24-year-old father of 5 provided a stripper with oral copulation on stage a few months ago, Instagrammed a photo of 2 women pleasuring his naughty bits a few months later, and now a sex tape of a threesome has leaked.

But let me give you my thoughts about the leak:

Listen… Keep this stuff for your private collection. It was obviously Broner who shot the footage so…

And lastly, always wear condoms- “The Problem” wasn’t wearing one in the video. I mean that’s too much like right though. Crazy thing, you’d think women who probably make their livelihood with their kittykat, would want to ensure that their tools of the trade are safe and functioning properly.



Adrien responded to the tape leak on Twitter.