50 Cent responds to Oscar De La Hoya’s subtweet about 50 jumping into the Boxing promotion game

Anyone whose followed 50 Cent’s rap career knows he enjoys a challenge, especially against someone in the same arena he’s in. As I mentioned earlier this week, “fiddy” has entered the boxing promotions game and one of Floyd “Money” Mayweather jr.’s former promoters might have sent a subtweet to 50.

Oscar De La Hoya sent a seemingly innocuous Tweet about the “new” promoters in the game. What you should never do, is start a beef with 50.

If you recall, Oscar’s Golden Boy promotions have promoted the last six Mayweather fights but apparently that’s all in the past. Now, if you’re confused as to why fiddy keeps referring to Oscar as a female, you can head over to BSO for a quick refresher on that one.

50 is happy to be the butcher if you have beef… clearly. Oh, Oscar has since deleted his tweets.

Team MONEY!! ::giggles::