1 Woman’s Connection To The Fight Of The Century


With so much being discussed about Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s history with women and domestic violence leading up to the fight of the century. Two women who were integral pieces of Floyd’s inner circle have recently begun detailing what life was like working with the champ.

Gain some insight into the man behind the bigger than life image:

Quite a bit has been said about the women Floyd Mayweather surrounds himself with. His complicated and often volatile relationships with ex-girlfriends, and mothers of his four children have made international headlines. We’ve even been exposed to the “sister-wives”, an entourage of mostly strippers, who have been seen doing outlandish things including washing the champ in his personal bathtub, and rolling blunts on Showtime’s “All Access” program (He later claimed that the marijuana wasn’t real). Very little has been said about the woman who introduced the young boxer to what has become an integral component of his portfolio-she helped him become a brand.

I spent the better part of four years partnering with Tasha to construct her memoir, aptly titled Right Hand to the Champ:13 Lessons that Changed My Life. In it she recounts how working with the champ profoundly affected both her career and life. She was a part of his inner circle and became a friend of his family.

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