Stephon Marbury pays final $300K in hush money to ex-mistress

Stephon Marbury is finally in the clear with his former chef/part-time lover, Thurayyah Mitchell. Starbury owed Mitchell $300K for failing to pay off the $1 million in hush money he guaranteed her to keep the details of their affair quiet. Mitchell sued Marbury when he stopped making payments after dishing out $600K. Steph’s final tally, […]

Stephon Marbury’s ex-mistress wants his Benz and Range Rover as a payoff

Stephon Marbury is still dealing with the aftermath of hooking up with his personal chef Thurayyah Mitchell in 2006. Steph had promised to pay her almost $1 million dollars in hush money but stopped at about $600K. She sued him for the rest and won! Marbury owes her $331,584.50. Well, Steph still hasn’t paid up […]

Stephon Marbury ordered to pay mistress $300K has nude photos leaked

No, you did not nod off in your hot tub time machine, the year is really 2013 and Stephon Marbury news has been quite frequent as of late. The ex-NBA baller was ordered by a judge to pay the remaining  $331,584 in hush money to his former chef, Thurayyah Mitchell with whom he had an extra-marital affair […]

Stephon Marbury doesn’t want to pay $300K to Ex-mistress

I’m curious to see the outcome of this case. Former NBA player Stephon Marbury has said he’s not going to pay his former mistress Thurayyah Mitchell the remaining $300,000 he owed her as part of their confidentiality agreement related to their 2006 affair.

Stephon Marbury paid his ex-chef $900K in hush money to keep their affair on the low

Back in 2006 when Stephon Marbury was still signed with the Knicks and he and Isiah Thomas were both under scrutiny as the Knicks were facing sexual harassment allegations from former executive, Anucha Browne Sanders. Marbury was also having his own personal issues in that area.