Stephon Marbury’s ex-mistress wants his Benz and Range Rover as a payoff


Stephon Marbury is still dealing with the aftermath of hooking up with his personal chef Thurayyah Mitchell in 2006. Steph had promised to pay her almost $1 million dollars in hush money but stopped at about $600K. She sued him for the rest and won! Marbury owes her $331,584.50. Well, Steph still hasn’t paid up and Thurayyah wants her coins.

According to TMZ, Mitchell claims Marbury still hasn’t paid, so she wants a judge to force Marbury to give up the keys of his luxury vehicles to make this right. Mitchell wants Steph to hand over his Benz, Land Rover and liquidate some of his assets to settle the debt. June 17th is when they face the judge again.

To quote Elvira from the film classic, Scarface, “I don’t F**k the help.” See, this is why it’s not a bad idea for jocks to follow that mantra too.