Shaq On Basketball Wives And What It Means To Be A “Respectful Cheater” [Video]

When Shaq made the comment that he was a “respectful cheater” during his marriage to Shaunie O’Neal, most people didn’t understand the statement. How can you putting cheating and respectful in the same sentence. Hip Hollywood recently caught up with Shaq at his book signing in LA for Shaq:Uncut and got a few additional details […]

Shaq Says Kobe Is The Greatest Laker Ever

The debate as to whose the “Greatest Laker of all time” just received Shaquille O’Neal’s input. Shaq appeared on KTLA to promote his book Shaq:Uncut

Shaq On Cheating On Ex-Wife Shaunie O’Neal, “I Was Respectful” [Video]

Shaq recently sat down with Robin Roberts of Good Morning America. In addition to showing off his 76,000 square-foot home in Orlando-that includes a 20,000 square-foot basketball court- Shaq discussed his new book which was released Tuesday Shaq Uncut. One of the most interesting parts of the interview concerned Shaq’s 2009 divorce from Shaunie O’Neal. […]

Shaq Uncut: Up Next Nate Robinson And Glen ‘Big Baby’ Davis

In your latest advance look at Shaquille O’Neal’s book, Shaq Uncut, we get to take a peek into Shaq’s life with the Celtics last year.

Shaq Uncut; Why He’s Not A Dwight Howard Fan

Welcome to what seems to be becoming your daily Shaq Uncut update. In today’s episode, we get to hear Shaq’s thought’s on Dwight Howard.

More From Shaq: Uncut, This Time He Talks LeBron James

Can you imagine if the NBA season had started on time and Shaq was on TNT as these book excerpts are being released? The conversations would be EPIC!! We’ve heard a little about that final season Shaq was with the Lakers, now let’s take a look at the season of LeBron. As expected Shaq says […]

Shaq Threatened To Kill Kobe And Other Gems From Shaq: Uncut

Kobe vs. Shaq Round 9885664454 Shaq’s new book, Shaq:Uncut comes out on November 15th. Deadspin got an advanced copy and has released a few excerpts. Uncut wasn’t just a clever adjective, in this excerpt, Shaq details how he told Kobe he would kill him after Kobe did that famous interview with Jim Grey where he […]