Shaq On Cheating On Ex-Wife Shaunie O’Neal, “I Was Respectful” [Video]

Shaq recently sat down with Robin Roberts of Good Morning America. In addition to showing off his 76,000 square-foot home in Orlando-that includes a 20,000 square-foot basketball court- Shaq discussed his new book which was released Tuesday Shaq Uncut. One of the most interesting parts of the interview concerned Shaq’s 2009 divorce from Shaunie O’Neal. Shaq explains why he feels he was a respectful cheater.

What he said actually makes perfect sense to me. Especially in “that” world. With so many options, a man is likely to sample. For many women, outside of that whole, “being faithful” thing, the biggest issue with cheating is the public humiliation of it all. The guys that learn how to keep those indiscretions in the dark, usually keep all parties happy.

I wonder if he and Hoopz will get married and have more kids.