Shaq On Basketball Wives And What It Means To Be A “Respectful Cheater” [Video]

When Shaq made the comment that he was a “respectful cheater” during his marriage to Shaunie O’Neal, most people didn’t understand the statement. How can you putting cheating and respectful in the same sentence. Hip Hollywood recently caught up with Shaq at his book signing in LA for Shaq:Uncut and got a few additional details on what Shaq meant by that statement.

On being a “respectful cheater”:
It means growing up I was never taught how to be a boyfriend so the way I came into the relationship game, I just showed up and it was there. I wasn’t an expert when I got into that but you have to learn from our trails and tribulations. She’s a wonderful woman; a very smart woman and we talk every now and then but I’m a better man now. Sometimes you have to learn from your mistakes.

On the Basketball Wives:
It’s smart and I wish all those women well.

What else did you expect him to say? I can’t see Shaq coming out and trashing the mother of his children. He just doesn’t strike me as that type of guy. And beyond that, he knows how this media hustle works and what Shaunie created IS a smart business venture.

Here’s the thing about the “respectful cheating” stuff. I understand what Shaq means by not knowing what it takes to be a good boyfriend but I still believe (and understand) that he meant exactly what he said with the “respectful cheater” statement and this rewind of an explanation isn’t it.

In “that” lifestyle, cheating is a byproduct. Does it have to be? NO, but often times it is. The least a man can do is to protect his girlfriend or wife. By protect her, I mean wear a condom so no diseases or outside children pop up and most importantly, no public humiliation.

Shaq is older now, more settled and probably not partaking in many side dalliances these days. With age comes wisdom. Hoopz is the beneficiary of  Shaunie’s hard work. That’s how it always happens.