Royce Reed blasts Adrienne Bosh on Twitter

Former “Basketball Wives” cast member Royce Reed knows a thing or two about being buried in legal documents and lawsuits. Royce and her son’s father, Dwight Howard were in and out of court regarding custody issues and gag orders for years. Royce’s BFF, Allison Mathis is going through the same thing, with Chris Bosh attempting […]

Chris Bosh wants full custody of 4-year-old daughter Trinity

Chris Bosh is now a two-time NBA champion but he’s planning to head back to the court before next season. Bosh is suing his oldest daughter, Trinity’s mother, Allison Mathis. The two were previously embroiled in a legal battle over child support with Mathis attempting to raise her $2600 per month to a reported $30,000.

Judge rules Chris Bosh is a Texas resident in child support case against Allison Mathis

Score a victory for Chris bosh. An Orlando judge has ruled that Texas is bosh’s primary residence and therefore allows his child support payments to Allison Bosh to remain at $2,600 per month. Had the judge ruled Bosh was in fact a resident of Florida there was the possibility his child support payments would’ve jumped […]

Judge grills Chris Bosh about his claim of Texas residency in child support case vs. Allison Mathis

  An Orlando judge is having a hard time believing Chris Bosh when he says that he’s a resident of Texas and not Miami. The custody/child support case between Bosh and his daughter Trinity’s mother, Allison Mathis was in court this week. Orange County Judge Robert Evans will determine  If Bosh is a resident of Florida. […]

Chris Bosh claims Texas as his state of residency in child support case against Allison Mathis

While Chris Bosh and his wife Adrienne vacation in Europe, his lawyers are hard at work on the pending case between Bosh and his ex-girlfriend/baby’s mama, Allison Mathis. Bosh recently filed court papers in an Orlando court maintaining his state of residence as Texas not Florida where he and his wife own a 12,000 sq. […]

Chris Bosh’s lawyer threatens to sue Allison Mathis, says “You aren’t the wife”

  I knew that Allison Mathis video probably wasn’t a good idea. Chris Bosh’s lawyer has sent an injuction against Mathis for releasing the video. There was also information in the letter about a bulk payment of $250,000 Bosh gave to her as well as a laundry list of lifestyle necessities (private school, health benefits and […]

Chris Bosh’s Ex, Allison Mathis gives interview on food stamps and Bosh going “Hollywood” [video]

The mother of Miami Heat star Chris Bosh’s daughter, Trinity is going on record about the “New Chris Bosh.” Allison Mathis gave an interview basically giving her version of the issue she has with Chris Bosh. The two have been locked in various court cases over the past year.

Chris Bosh’s baby’s mama, Allison Mathis has applied for food stamps

The Miami Heat are up on the Thunder 3 games to 1 in the NBA finals but off the court, two of the big 3 are involved in MAJOR baby’s mama drama as the backdrop. Chris Bosh’s ongoing custody battle with his ex, Allison Mathis. It’s recently come out that Bosh pays Mathis a measly […]