Judge grills Chris Bosh about his claim of Texas residency in child support case vs. Allison Mathis


photo via Instagram

An Orlando judge is having a hard time believing Chris Bosh when he says that he’s a resident of Texas and not Miami. The custody/child support case between Bosh and his daughter Trinity’s mother, Allison Mathis was in court this week. Orange County Judge Robert Evans will determine  If Bosh is a resident of Florida. If that happens,  Chris Bosh’s child support payments will skyrocket!

Check out some of the details below:

supporter of President Barack Obama— had not voted in the 2008 presidential election!

“I did mail in a ballot,” Bosh told Jane Carey, Mathis’ lawyer.

“How could you,” Carey countered. “They purged your name from the rolls.”

“I guess it was just a mistake,” Bosh replied.

Records showed Bosh, who remained unflappable and patient all afternoon, re-registered to vote in Dallas County two weeks before today’s hearing!

Incidentally, while Bosh has not apply for homestead exemption in Miami Beach, he doesn’t have an exemption on the suburban Dallas home he claims as his lawful residence.

Bosh applied for the tax-saving exemption in Texas last week.

While questioned by Mayanne Downs, his lawyer, the 28-year-old Bosh also admitted to not having a Florida drivers license.

“What do you mean you never had a Florida drivers license?” the judge asked. “Are you aware that the state of Florida requires anyone living in the state for more than 30 days to have a Florida drivers license?”

What’s at stake is child support going from $2600 in child support.  A decent amount for the average person, probably equals a handbag or a pair of shoes for Chris. And $30,000 a month to Allison Mathis as a Florida resident.

And in random but related news. Another dad battling for his child won custody today, Usher Raymond. Chris’s wife Adrienne weighed in on the topic.