Chris Bosh’s Ex, Allison Mathis gives interview on food stamps and Bosh going “Hollywood” [video]

The mother of Miami Heat star Chris Bosh’s daughter, Trinity is going on record about the “New Chris Bosh.” Allison Mathis gave an interview basically giving her version of the issue she has with Chris Bosh. The two have been locked in various court cases over the past year.

BSO summarized the videos:

Bosh wanted to have baby out-of-wedlock.
Mathis says Bosh promised her and her family he would marry her.
Mathis says Bosh has changed and has become Hollywood as Hell.
Doesn’t know where her and her daughter next meal will come from.
Mathis says Bosh isn’t helping at all.
She has applied for Food Stamps and things of that sort.
She wanted to be on Basketball Wives and Bosh sued her to keep her off the show.
She is salty about not being on Basketball Wives.


I really don’t understand what Allison is hoping to accomplish saying Chris went Hollywood. I agree with her that a father should contribute to their child’s well being. Surely there’s some middle ground between supporting your child and feeling extorted. So I guess it’s how bad you want to pay for silence. Was it worth blocking her from making $12,000 an episode with Basketball Wives?

This is all out war. Adrienne Bosh tweeted this photo today.


Bosh and Mathis are currently locked in a custody battle. Bosh’s teammate, Dwyane Wade won custody of his two sons last year.


videos via Gossip Extra