Sixers rookie Michael Carter-Williams can’t touch NBA salary for 3 years


We’ve all heard the stories about professional athletes going broke shortly after their playing careers are a wrap. Philadelphia 76’ers rookie Michael Carter-Williams is lucky to have proactive parents (birth and a step dad) who are ensuring that won’t happen to him. Carter-Williams is managed by his mother, Mandy Carter-Zegarowski and her best friend Tracie Tracy, the two have had his rookie contract earnings – current and future – placed into a trust that he can’t touch for three years.

  • Renaissance Man

    You’ll thank them later MCW. Eventhough I don’t know which one “sounds” worse perception wise. Your entire contract going to a trust. Or being given an allowance (i.e. Klay Thompson)?

  • JoJoJay

    What allowance is he being giving?

  • Tpop1

    What a lucky young man to have such steady hands guiding him. Managed correctly that $4.5 can provide for him for the rest of his life if his career ends today. Seems like he can live off of endorsements til he needs to draw off his NBA earnings! Good for them.

  • Renaissance Man

    Klay gets $300 a week. His parents control his money, somewhat to the degree that MCW’s mom does for him.

  • Brian Gallagher

    For him to allow that to take place speaks volumes about his character. If he continues his stellar play, he’ll get more endorsement deals and dollars. But…I hope his money managers are conservatively investing his money, earning interest, as opposed to sitting dormant.

  • disqus_N3292TPQCr

    When all is said and done, his mother and her friend will probably steal all his money. To much temptation.

  • Jackie Taylor

    Yeah but do THEY hv access to it? That’s the kicker.

  • Jackie Taylor

    I KNOWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. I mean, at least a grand….. gas is expensive in Cali and I know he’s got some guzzlers in his arsenal.

  • dohpo1zahr

    Gullible too.