Shelly Sterling Will Have A Role With New Clippers Ownership


Surprise, even though the Clippers have been sold, Shelly Sterling will still be involved with the new ownership. It’s not a secret that Shelly Sterling wanted to retain some sort of connection with the team. When it became apparent that the NBA wouldn’t allow her to retain ownership, Shelly went about finding a new owner that would include some sort of provision that keeps her involved with the franchise.

Enter Steve Ballmer. Check out Shelly’s “owner emeritus” status:

Shelly will become the “Executive Director” of a new foundation that’s function will be to serve the poor, minorities and battered spouses – at least two of those groups were impacted by the alleged housing practices of the Sterlings.

The arrangement will also give her more seats to Clippers games and enhanced parking and other perks, according to those involved in the deal.

So in the end, everyone gets what they want, kind of. I for one don’t think Shelly should still be around. But I also understand that a large part of getting things done in business is a bit of compromise. This is as close to a win for the NBA and the Sterlings as one can get. Donald is still on the fence as to if he’s on board with this plan or is planning to sue the NBA and fight his wife over control of the Sterling Trust which allowed her to negotiate the sale.

  • Eo Utnac

    Where in the Constitution does is it say that a man’s prejudicial beliefs will keep him from entering into the commercial enterprise of his choice or of his “pursuit of happiness”? Is it right below “separation of church and state”?
    I most certainly do NOT agree with the man’s beliefs but also do NOT see how that can take away his constitutional rights. What’s next? Denial of the right to home ownership? Denial of citizenship? Expulsion?
    “What a wonderful world this would be, if everyone were just like me.” Somebody needs to take these Sports Machines to task. It’s either their way or the highway. So who died and made them supreme?
    And please don’t tell me Jerry Jones did. Hey, he still thinks he’s supreme.

  • Mr. E

    This has nothing to do with his constitutional rights, it has to do with the agreement he signed as an NBA owner to maintain a certain standard of moral conduct. He is a racist but the problem with his comments going public is this is detrimental to the NBA and their brand. This is why he is being kicked

  • jamesisajeweler

    Before I begin with my comment here, let me check to see if my microphone is working! Alright it is, and now i’m a BLACK MAN and I am in DISGUST over the fact that a man could lose his lively hood over a supposed to be PRIVATE CONVERSATION! I truly wish that Donald Sterling would have taken what happened to him to a court of law. Because as far as i’m concerned, he said nothing that would have offended me in any way. I too would NOT want MANY black people I know at anything i have going on. Due to their DISRESPECTFUL BEHAVIOR and their DISRESPECTFUL DRESS CODE. I will also add that UNTIL BLACK MEN AND WOMEN of today STOP USING THE “N-WORD” I DON’T CARE WHAT RACE USES IT. Because if BLACK PEOPLE feel this VERY DISRESPECTFUL WORD IS A “TERM OF ENDEARMENT” THEY SHOULD HAVE NO PROBLEM HEARING IT FROM OTHER RACES AS WELL!

  • EyeCU

    You and your comment are a disgrace…

  • jamesisajeweler

    Well “EyeCu” i’m sorry to read that you consider yourself and your WORTHLESS comment to me a DISGRACE! LMMAO! That’s what happens when 2 people have a DIFFERENCE OF OPINION. And my OPINION is the only one that will matter to me!

  • EyeCU

    What amazes me most about your initial comment is how blind you are to your own ignorance. Perhaps you were raised in an atmosphere of self loathing of your heritage- or you grew up in a predominately “other than Black” neighborhood/culture. Your lack of self aware is obvious… Educate yourself- because the mind is a terrible thing to waste. 🙂

  • jamesisajeweler

    Um “EyeCU” I didn’t ask you to analyze yourself for me? I don’t care how you were raised, nor laid down at night! LMMAO! I do hope you’re AWARE of this FACT concerning myself. And that is I am going to say what I mean, and mean what I say. REGARDLESS of whether my comments are made online, or in your ugly face! I’m done communicating with you. Because I don’t have to justify my WORDS OF WISDOM with you. Nor anyone else on this site, you either AGREE or DISAGREE with what i’ve said. But either way, I said what I said, and I mean what I said!

  • charlotteatipton

    So it will probably be Bernie.