Magic Johnson goes on a Twitter rant about the Lakers


Magic Johnson is once again lighting up the Lakers organization via Twitter. But this time, he also took the opportunity to @ individual players as well to let everyone know how he thinks the team can improve.

Magic-Johnson-Tweet Magic-Johnson-tweet2 Magic-Johnson-tweet3



What are your thoughts about Magic’s input?

  • RallyMonkeyUSA

    Good for him. Being a laker is a privilege. It’s not just any other team. The fans and ownership expect these guys to play hard and earn their money. Pau gasol is making 19 million a year…but after playing in the Olympics his health is terrible. He is worth 8 million dollars. Dwight Howard wants a new 5 year 120 million dollar deal? Well start playing like it. Bring the energ on defense every game for all 48 minutes. Do u have any pride at all? If u don’t shoot 20 times a game so what. Bring it n defense. Steve Nash was brought here at the expense of first round draft picks, and Phil Jackson as coach. Well shoot, make mike dantoni look good then. He said u were key to this team and system. It doesn’t seem like its any different than under mike brown. 10 assists are good and all but we want to win. U haven’t made Dwight Howard any better. U sure as hell haven’t made the bench players any better. U def haven’t made gasol better. We could of traded him and you said no…well show us why u wanted him. This season is a disaster and the blame starts at the top with Jim buss, Mitch, and mike dantoni. I’m ready for the season to end. This team is terrible …their not even fun to watch. They should be embarrassed and ashamed.

  • irritated08

    If he is gonna rant go apply to be the coach

  • StilettoJill

    Yeah, they tried that in the 90’s. It didn’t work out so well.

  • Taulago Niusulu

    This is for the general manager: Hire me to sit on the bench and you will lose nothing. I’m a bench warmer, and I can do that better than the Lakers on Dfense!