Jim & Jeanie Buss haven’t spoken to each other since November


To say that a lot is going on with the Lakers franchise doesn’t even begin to do the situation justice. We’ve gone round and round analyzing coaching, players and injuries but what’s happening upstairs in the executive suite has the potential to change the way the Los Angeles Lakers have been thought of for decades.

Back in November after Mike Brown was fired and Phil Jackson was toyed with about the Lakers head coaching position, Jeanie Buss tweeted a question to the First Lady, Michelle Obama. Jeanine asked for advice on being made to feel bad about loving and supporting your man. Clearly Jeanie and Jim are at odds over the hiring of Mike D’Antoni and the way Jeanie’s fiance, Phil Jackson, was treated in the process. Per Kevin Ding of the Orange County Register, the brother and sister haven’t spoken since D’Antoni was brought on board.

Their father Jerry Buss has been ill for quite some time. It is my understanding that he’s been hospitalized since last August. With Jeanie over the business side of the Lakers and Jim running basketball operations, what happens to the franchise when Dr. Buss, who turns 79 on Sunday, passes away? The Buss family still owns 66% of the Lakers and when Dr. Buss passes on, his six children are set to gain the controlling interest. Another 27% is up for sale via the AEG group with the remaining 7% divided between Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong and Ed Roski. Just this week, Forbes listed the Lakers worth at $1 billion. But with a battle of ego currently taking place, how confident do you feel about the Lakers future?

Often times it appears that Jim Buss is concerned about Phil taking over the Lakers so he makes irrational moves for the team just to be the anti-Phil Jackson. If Phil becomes involved with another franchise, especially at the executive level, Jim is going to lose it. It’s a competition.


The Buss family and the Lakers organization released a statement saying that the Lakers aren’t for sale.


  • Please get rid of the Al Davis of the NBA, Jim Buss, quick before the Lakers end up like the old Clippers. I say put Jeanie in charge.

  • V

    “Their father Jim Buss has been ill for quite some time.”

    The father is Jerry Buss. Jim Buss (the little [email protected]$ who doesn’t know $h!t about basketball) is the son. Just for the record…

  • Mai

    Girl,when Dr. Buss (GOD Bless His Soul) does pass, it’s going to be on and crackin. Jim Buss reminds me of Al Davis goofy son Mark.

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