Tiki Barber marries ex-NBC intern Traci Lynn Johnson

Former Giants star Tiki Barber has finally made it official with Traci Lynn Johnson, the 24-year old ex-NBC intern he left his wife for in 2010 when she was pregnant with twins. The 38-year-old retired running back and former analyst- yeah he lost his job for fraternizing with an intern in an inappropriate manner – and Johnson, 24, exchanged “I dos” at the city Marriage Bureau in lower Manhattan.

Barber took to Twitter to make the announcement

“Many thanks to the NYC Clerk’s office, especially James Mitchell who married me to my love Traci Lynn Johnson! Excited for the next chapters . . .”

Barber and Johnson met while he was working as an NBC Sports and “Today” show contributor in 2010. The couple celebrated their nuptials at Le Cirque in Manhattan on Thursday night. Barber’s wife of 11 years, Ginny divorced him and made out like a bandit in child support and alimony.

Barber’s divorce to ex-wife Ginny was finalized 8-days prior to his new union.

  • Ese876

    i woulda jus Smashhh & Dashhh!!

  • Rog

    What a dirt bag 

  • HarryBalsaki

    Tiki has the whitest teeth I’ve ever came across

  • HarryBalsaki

    Oh, yeah!! And I’d bang her for days

  • WASP


  • That’s gonna work out real well. They deserve each other. 

  • Love the sports

    “made out like a bandit”?  If   hehad kept his marriage vows and stayed with his pregnant wife like a real man – he would still have all his money and his dignity.  He and his new woman deserve each other.  I give it 6 months.

  • Ron O’Neal

    kudos to Tiki and his gorgeous queen.