Jay Z raps about the Nets new arena and his daughter’s socks on new “3 Kings” track with Rick Ross and Dr. Dre [audio]

Well since Kris Humphries shouted out Jay Z when announcing he’d be re-upping with the Brooklyn Nets, I thought it only fitting  to give you a taste of the partial Nets owners’ latest musical foray. The track is entitled “3 Kings” and also features Rick Ross and Dr. Dre. and is the first single from Rick Ross’s new album, “God Forgives, I don’t.”


So not only do we get to hear Jay boast about pulling up to the “arena he owns” we’re also treated to more new daddy swag. “I love this sh*t like my own daughter,” Jay says during the closing acappella verse, after previously adding “ni–as couldn’t fu*k” with his baby girl’s room and/or socks.

He loves this daddy stuff!