The Assist: Michael Jordan flicks up with Justin Bieber [photos]


It was just recently pop star Justin Bieber was shooting in the gym with Toronto Raptors big man, Amir Johnson and rapper Drake. Now Biebs was spotted flicking it up with his Airness, Michael Jordan. Bieber and Jordan took the photos backstage at the Charlotte arena prior to Bieber’s concert.



So nobody is going to ask the obvious question, why was Michael Jordan at a Justin Bieber concert? Never figured Jordan for a’belieber.’

MJ is never letting go of those “old man” jeans is he?

photos via Bobcats

  • Linkdeville

    LMAO! This story has me crackin’ up! …especially the “old man jeans” dig. I was trippin off how tall “the Bieb’s” is next to MJ and thought, “Either JB is standing on something or Mike’s age (and obvious lack of exercise) is starting to catch up with him via “Attack of the Hump Back.” And that is a good question…”Why is Mike at a JB concert?” I am forever a fan nonetheless.