4 Redskins players almost “Catfished” by same woman on Twitter


Manti Te’o isn’t the first athlete weren’t duped into having fake online relationship. If you believe his version of the events, Manti Te’o’s situation isn’t even the most elaborate tail of online deception of an athlete. It Just happened to be the one to get an entire college football team and the media caught up. He wasn’t even alone with it happening last season. A  few  members of the current Washington Redskins almost ended up caught up in their own Catfish story.

The story starts with the dine and deliver service that is Twitter. As I’ve said before, for jocks, celebrities and your local social media personality, Twitter can be just like a menu complete with photographs, a sample of personality and easy no commitment contact options. At least four Redskins made contact with a fake profile on Twitter with a person they thought was a woman, porn star CJ Miles to be exact – pause, I don’t know if that means it was a man posing as a woman or what- with the possibility of hooking up with her at some point. But, every time something was scheduled, she would flake.

That sounds like someone doing some detective work to me. A dummy account if you will gathering key intel.

And let us not forget the scam that happened to a few NBA, NFL and entertainers in 2011 where a group posed as both actress Lauren London, and singer Cassie . BBM messages, texts, plane tickets, fake phone calls and photos were all apart of the situation. Like the rest, every time it came down to the in-person meeting, things started to fizzle. This scam finally came to an end after plane tickets linking Lauren London and an athlete were leaked to the blogs and Lauren had no idea who the player was. Representatives got involved, a sting action was put in place that ended with Cassie and Lauren releasing a PSA to athletes and entertainers about the scam being run.

And of course, we can’t forget the photoshop job done to Kyrie Irving before he was drafted by Twitter vixen Miss Hawaii.

High grade shenanigans!

But back to the Redskins, team officials got involved posting signs in the teams locker rooms with the woman’s Twitter and Instagram handle warning players to stay away from her.

As I’ve said before, Facetime is your friend, just make sure you’re clothed and single, you should come out ok.